Non - Profit

…If you want others to be happy – conduct compassion…
…if you, yourself, want to be happy – conduct compassion …
Dalaj Lama

We believe that the world is the better place with more kindness and compassion, therefore, we develop non-profit programs to help peoples (in all ages, gender, religion etc.) who are in need for help
Below you may see different programs and you are very welcome to join those programs as user or contributor or whatever.
Let’s do this together and make the world to a better place for us all!
Here comes a list for our programs:

1. Wikimedics
2. Fair Chance
3. NPA (Noble prize award)
4. Happy Nation
5. USB (University of self-build)
6. WAW (we are the world choir)
7. Wikimara (inventor marathon)
8. KHK (kids helping kids)
9. FCC (street basket tournament)